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Every fine cuppa begins as a fresh bud and two leaves of the highest shoots of a tea bush, plucked and gathered at a tea plantation somewhere on a cool hilly terrain of the central mountains of Sri Lanka. With the highest quality supply of:

  • Black Teas
  • Flavoured Black Teas
  • Green Teas
  • Flavoured Green Teas
  • Herbal Teas
  • Plus an extensive Gift Range

Impra Tea Store

Did You Know!

IMPRA Tea is produced and packed in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has qualified for Ozone Friendly Ter status in the world. Thus Sri Lanka has become a role model for United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP)

Sri Lanka has also introduced the concept of Geographical Indications. This identifies a geographical location or region or district where the tea originates from. Pure Ceylon Tea packs in Sri Lanka with teas from the above seven (07) agro climate districts will carry Geographical Indication logos registered by the Sri Lanka Tea Bord to guarantee the quality which differ in taste, colour, aroma, liquor and appearance.

Impra Tea
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