Impra Green Tea - 100 Tea Bags

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Impra Green Tea is mainly harvested from selected tea bushes that grow in the cool climes of the world famous hill country tea growing agro climatic districts of the Uva province in the central highlands of Sri Lanka.  The unique agro-climatic conditions of the Uva province enables the production of teas with an unique aroma that is not found in any other tea growing area in the world. Green tea is renowned for being rich in antioxidants – because it has a different method of being processed. This ensures that the leaves retain their nutrients that are beneficial to your health. Unlike green teas from around the world, the Ceylon Green Tea has a rich, complex body with a nutty flavor. This is indeed a tea meant for tea connoisseurs the world over. IMPRA’s  green tea gives you the unique flavor with all the benefits of green tea packed into one cup.

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Impra Green Tea  - 100 Tea Bags
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