Impra Pure Ceylon English Breakfast - 100 Tea Bags

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English Breakfast tea is composed of a blend of different black teas. Good tea, like a good wine, is affected greatly by the climate and altitude in which it grows - the soil, water and air – this triune of elements give us the wonderful full-bodied flavor of IMPRA’s Pure Ceylon single origin English Breakfast tea.  IMPRA English Breakfast is an invigorating tea made from the fresh tender leaves picked from the lush green tea bushes to give you a robust flavor of a perfect cup of tea. Along with its rich flavor, this blend has the added benefits of containing micronutrients such as folate and potassium that are essential for maintaining the perfect balance of your body’s internal systems. It also contains phytochemicals – natural chemicals that are powerful antioxidants that help your body to remove toxins.  Impra’s single origin English Breakfast Tea is the impeccable early morning wake-up for those who prefer a tea of a rich flavor, robust character and quality.  It is a cup composed of the perfect balance of delicacy and strength.  All these characteristics contribute to enhance the cup quality and character of Pure Ceylon (Sri Lankan) single origin tea.

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Impra Pure Ceylon  English Breakfast - 100 Tea Bags
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