Kandy OP - Canister

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The beautiful picturesque hill country of Kandy is said to be the region where tea-growing began. The climate of the Kandy region is perfect for producing tea that has a rich flavor and coppery-tones when brewed. Kandy is famous for mid-grown teas and is also responsible for producing flavorsome teas.  Black tea is one of the most famous well-loved teas around the world and Kandy black tea has the perfect strong, rich, full-bodied flavor. The reference to Orange Pekoe is in regard to a leaf grading system that is used in Sri Lankan tea in which the whole leaf is used to produce a rich, flavorsome tea. IMPRA’s  Exclusive Kandy Orange Pekoe gives you a cup of tea that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

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Kandy OP - Canister
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